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Sports betting is growing in the state of New York and you can find a number of sports betting picks right here. If you are looking to bet on the Empire State teams like the Mets, Yankees, Jets, or Nets, odds are posted for their chances to win it all. Betting picks include the top analysis to back it up and are posted early in the day for you to get a leg up on the best odds. Sports betting can be an all-year thing, going from the dog days of summer with baseball to football and basketball dominating in the winter.

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Sports Betting in New York – What’s Legal and What’s Not, Yet

Depending on whom you talk to, New York is the future gold mine for sports betting. New York City itself is clearly one of the biggest sports venues in the world. Home to multiple teams in multiple sports, it’s a target for sports betting operators.

But, to date, the wave of physical sportsbooks has been isolated to casinos in the Upstate. The New York State Gaming Commission has accepted and approved no less than a dozen applications to take physical bets.

Currently, these are isolated to venues in Upstate New York, but there is little doubt that operations will spread gradually. New York City is simply too large a market to ignore for long. Another factor in the growth of physical sportsbooks across New York is a legal ruling that anything a commercial casino can do; an Indian-based operation must be permitted to do as well.

This means that any full-service casino with ties to the Oneidas, Senecas or Mohawk casino operations will legally be able to establish a physical sportsbook. However, online betting in New York is still not legal, and the delay has a few people searching for any viable answer explaining why.

Sports Betting in New York

Earlier this month, Rivers Sportsbook in Schenectady accepted the first legal sports bet in the state of New York. Rivers set the table for as many as eight venues in Upstate New York primed to begin taking bets over the next couple of weeks.

Another pair of sports betting lounges is scheduled to launch their operations on the first day of August. Stick’s Sports Bar and Sportsbook located in the Akwensasne Mohawk Casino also has targeted late-summer to early-fall for accepting their first bets.

In light of the bitter battle the state had with daily fantasy sports operators, it may come as a surprise that another sportsbook will open Friday at Tioga Downs Casino Resort. FanDuel Sportsbook will accept a ceremonial first bet from a New York state assemblywoman that afternoon.

New York Sports Betting to Go Mobile, Eventually

There are still a number of restrictions in place that are going to temporarily limit online betting. The proof from adjacent neighboring states, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, should be enough to spur legislators to act soon.

While there was nothing passed to officially allow online mobile operations, it seems a foregone conclusion it will eventually be approved. One odd roadblock currently be navigated is the opposition from the New York governor.

Legislators have books worth of statistics on their side. In New Jersey alone, data show that close to 80-percent of the bets made came across mobile devices. No one really understands why Governor Andrew Cuomo is against mobile sports betting.

It would seem inevitable that eventually a public referendum would be enough to supersede his resistance. For the time being, it must be considered a victory for the sports betting industry that at least New York is on board with taking wagers in person.

New York Horse Racing

Like a number of states, horse racing was one of the early forms betting entertainment. The earliest reported track in Goshen was used for harness racing. John Hunter and William Travers built a track in Saratoga.

The Saratoga track is the longest running thoroughbred horse track in North America. Named for one of the co-founders, the Travers Stakes is the oldest stakes format as well. Besides Saratoga, New York is also home of the Belmont Stakes in New York City.

The Aqueduct and Vernon Downs are two other popular New York horse racing tracks. The largest percentage of horse racing facilities also offer limited casino games. Considering a longstanding history with the New York Gaming Commission, horse tracks are prime locations targeted by physical sportsbooks.

Daily fantasy Sports in New York

New York was a battlefield for the two biggest players in the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry. Both FanDuel and DraftKings struggled with certain aspects of New York law that some said made DFS games illegal as games of chance.

What has happened is that a detailed inspection of the New York State Constitution not only revealed DFS to be within the legal framework of New York law, but it also gave indication to many that mobile sports betting would be legal as well.

Oddly enough, both FanDuel and DraftKings may be two of the biggest players to benefit from recent legal determinations. Following along in some respects to the wording used for horse racing bets made by telephone, lawmakers proposing online sports betting think they have the inside angle to overcome any resistance from the governor’s mansion.

So, you can pick up your telephone anywhere in New York and lay down a wager on the four-horse in the sixth race. However, under current rules, you can’t take the Jets and the points on a Sunday afternoon in the NFL.

The legal experts have weighed in as well, and they are equally perplexed. Something has New York governor opposed to online betting operations. Maybe it’s the loss his state took against two of the primary players in online sports betting, DraftKings and FanDuel.

Whatever the former New York Attorney General and New York City born Cuomo’s reasoning is, he appears to be in the fourth quarter of another losing battle. It seems it some circles he is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

In the end, legislators have the bean-counters on their side, and the amount of revenue that will be absorbed from online sports betting’s addition to the equation is just too much to ignore. Eventually, mobile sports bettors will win, the State of New York will win, and Andrew Cuomo will lose, well sort of.